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 Drivers & Controllers

LED Drivers and Controllers

Our Ethernet controlled LumiBright and Aurora Drivers and Controllers feature low profile, fully integrated power solutions with fast response times.

Our high current LED drivers allow for easy control through Ethernet,
USB 2.0, or front control panels. The LumiBright DR series are available
in single channel as well as a multi-channel versions (from 1 to 18 channels)
and are compatible with our Light Engines, Projectors, DMDs, and Fiber-Coupled devices.
The Aurora (DR) driver/controllers are used with our Aurora Line Sources
and are available in standard power and high power (including UV) versions.


LumiBright LE Driver/Controller LumiBright DR Driver/Controller
Single or multi-channels; Ethernet or USB controlled, programmable driver/controller
LumiBright LS Driver/Controller Aurora DR Driver/Controller
Single channel Ethernet controlled, programmable driver/controller



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