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 Light engines, illumination systems, boards, drivers & controllers, and thermal management


With nearly 20 years of experience serving the optics industry, our product line has grown to include light engines, illumination systems, drivers & controllers and thermal management products and accessories.

Our history of innovative design and execution means that regardless of
the Innovations in Optics product you select, you’re assured of the highest
performing solution to meet even your most difficult optical challenges. For
applications that require specific configurations that cannot be met by our
off-the-shelf products, we also have expertise in custom OEM product development.

Light Engines Light Engines
High intensity, multi-configurable LED light engines
Aurora Linesource

Illumination Systems
Aurora Linesource

High intensity LED line sources

Illumination Systems

Illumination Systems
LumiBright Fiber Coupled Devices 

Intense and stable optical power

Illumination Systems Illumination Systems
LumiBright Projectors 

Uniform illumination fields
UV Light Engines and Systems UV Light Engines and Systems
High intensity Light Engines, Line sources, Projectors and DMD Illuminators
LED Drivers and Controllers
Ethernet controlled, high powered, programmable driver/controllers
Thermal Management Thermal Management
Thermal pads, heatsinks, heat pipes, cooling fans, cooling plenum and wire harness assemblies & connectors


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