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 LED Illumination Systems

LumiBright PR (Projectors)

The LumiBright Projectors achieve spatially uniform illumination fields by combining our patented COB LED technology and efficient, non-imaging, homogenizing optics with precision re-imaging lens systems. Our Projectors are currently being used in medical fluorescence imaging, spot curing, machine vision, and general fluorescence excitation.

The Pattern Blazer™ is a high power LED Fixed-Pattern Projector for structured lighting in 3D machine vision. It can be used to determine the shape of an object in machine vision applications, it can also help recognize and locate an object in an environment.

Pattern Blazer Downloads
  • Structured lighting for 3D machine vision
  • High illuminance at long working distances
  • Patterns: lines, grids, circles and dots
  • Precision lens options
  • LED options: white, blue, and red 

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2910A-100 Downloads
  • Up to 16 die per unit
  • Multiple focal options
  • Nominal 14° x 14° FWHM far field
  • Independently addressable wavelengths
  • Variable: 100mm x
    100mm illumination field @ 20cm

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Download Model


Product Comparison


Product Max # of Die / Max # of Wavelengths Focusable
Pattern Blazer 1/UVA to NIR & White Y
2910A-100 16/16 Y


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