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 LumiBright UV DMD

LumiBright UV DMD Illuminator

The Model 3300B UV-LED Illuminator for DLP® Technology is an extremely high power, highly uniform UV-LED illuminator providing unprecedented speed and resolution for UV DLP applications.

  • Two models: DLP9500 and DLP7000 chipsets
  • 365 thru 405 nm
  • Single and multi-wavelengths
  • UV-LED Array (COB)
  • High Radiant power:
    • > 30 Watts on DLP9500
    • > 20 Watts on DLP7000
  • Thermistor temperature monitoring
  • Robust PC board for higher drive conditions
  • Non-imaging and imaging optics
  • Water-cooled heat exchanger
  • Quick disconnect no-spill couplings
  • Driver/controller
  • Widely used in 3-D printing, computer-to-screen and computer-to-plate printing and maskless lithography

3300B UV
UV 3300B Downloads
  • Highly uniform output
  • Single and multi-wavelengths

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Product Options

Product Number Max # of Die DLP Chipset Manifold 
3300B-620 18 DLP9500 Right Angle
3300B-621 18 DLP9500 Straight
3300B-650 12 DLP7000 Right Angle
3300B-651 12 DLP7000 Straight


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