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 LED Illumination Systems

LumiBright UV FC (Fiber Coupled)

LumiBright Fiber Coupled Devices incorporate our LumiBright Light Engines with customized numerical apertures for liquid light guides to handle UV wavelengths for medical or other imaging needs.

  • COB array technology
  • UV wavelengths 365 thru 405
  • Several PC board configurations
  • Thermistor options
  • Thermal management options


1700A-100 Downloads
  • 2 mm maximum fiber
  • SMA 905 fiber optic connector
  •  Max 4 die per unit
  •  Max 3 wavelengths per unit

Download PDF

Download Model


Product Comparison

Product Max # Die/Wavelengths Per Unit Max Fiber Size (mm) Liquid Light Guide
1700A-100 4/3 2



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