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 LumiBright Ultra-Violet LS  Aurora

Aurora UV LS

IOI’s Aurora Ultra-Violet LED Line Sources are available for pinning and curing.

  • Glass optics optimized for UV operation
  • Homogenous linear output
  • 365–405 wavelengths available
  • Finite or infinite focus
  • Several PC board configurations
  • Parallel or series driven
  • Thermistor option
  • Convenient and hardy connectors
  • Several thermal management choices

Aurora Classic UV
Aurora Classic UV Downloads
  • Fixed sizes: 4", 8", 12",
    16", 24"
  • One UV wavelength per unit
  • Plenum fan unit cooling option

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Product Comparison

Product Multiple Die Wavelengths Per Unit Finite or Infinite Focus Positions High Power Operation Line Width
Cooling Options
Aurora Classic UV   Y N 2.7 Free convection or Forced air


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