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 UV Light Engines & Systems

LumiBright UV PR (Projectors)

The LumiBright Ultra-Violet Projectors achieve spatially uniform illumination fields by combining our patented COB LED technology and efficient, non-imaging, homogenizing optics with precision re-imaging lens systems. Our Projectors are currently being used in medical fluorescence imaging, UV spot curing, UV machine vision, and general fluorescence excitation.

  • Square illuminated area
  • Multiple color configurations available
  • 365 thru 405 wavelengths available
  • Patent-pending technology
  • COB array technology
  • Several PC board configurations
  • Continuous high current or pulsed operation
  • High uniformity in illumination plane
  • Thermistor options
  • Thermal management options

2910A-100 Downloads
  • Max 16 die per unit
  • Multiple focal options
  • Nominal 14° x 14° FWHM
    far field
  • Independently addressable wavelengths
  • Variable: 100mm x
    100mm illumination
    field @ 20cm

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Product Comparison

Product Max # of Die Max # of Wavelengths Per Unit Focusable
2910A-100 16 16 Y


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