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Custom Systems

Innovations in Optics’ roots were in custom 
product development; this remains a key strength
for us nearly two decades later.

Utilizing our unique, multidisciplinary approach to systems design,
we’ve assisted customers in many different markets since 1993 from
concept through volume production to develop custom turnkey optical
solutions at our state-of-the art facility as well as at our partner
contract manufacturing facilities.

Contact us today to learn more about Innovations in Optics’ custom system capabilities and to explore how we can help you solve your unique optical design and development challenges.

Optical Design, Modeling, and Analysis

The company has a long and world recognized history of optical engineering excellence, bringing over 30 years of experience to the design, modeling, analysis and manufacture of optical systems. We have designed and developed optical systems with from one to nearly one hundred individual optical components to meet and exceed customer’s unique design and manufacturing challenges.

The company has been recognized for excellence in innovation, design and development for three different products in the past two years by SPIE and Photonics Spectra having been selected as Finalists for the prestigious Prism Awards. This is an achievement that few companies in the world have been able to accomplish.

Both ZEMAX and TRACEPRO non-sequential Monte Carlo simulation based software are used as optical design and modeling tools. Our company’s unique experience combines expertise in both imaging and non-imaging systems, setting us apart from many others when combined with our excellence in mechanical, electrical, and systems engineering design, development, and manufacturing.

 Mechanical Engineering and DesignMechanical Engineering and Design

Mechanical Engineering has proven to be a key element to the company’s success with a long standing history of mechanical and opto-mechanical design and innovation. SOLIDWORKS has become an invaluable tool not only for the mechanical design and analsysis of hardware, but as a tool for modeling innovative, challenging and state-of-the-art non-imaging optical systems. Solid geometries developed in SOLIDWORKS are imported to either ZEMAX or TRACEPRO to enable efficient and accurate iterations as part of the optical and opto-mechanical design optimization process.

 Electrical Engineering and Design

Over the past several years customers have expressed significant interest in purchasing complete turn-key LED solutions of which the drive and control electronics represents a critical component. In response, we have made a commitment to our customers to develop compact, efficient, and cost effective LED drivers and controllers incorporating power supplies, microcontrollers, and fast, high current sources with both Ethernet and USB interfaces with product specific offerings across all LumiBright product lines.

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