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Innovations in Optics is providing this data electronically for reference only.  This data which could include plans, specifications, reports, documents, CAD models, etc is subject to undetectable alteration due to, among other causes, transmission, conversion, software error or human alteration.  Accordingly, all such data must be compared to any official supporting documents or current, released drawings to ensure accuracy.
Changes in design may occur at any time and it is the responsibility of the recipient of this data to ensure that they are utilizing the latest version of that data.


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Technical Product Info

Thermistor Workbook
LumiBright Operation
Thermal Pads For LumiBright™ Light Engines

White Papers

Beyond the Limitations of Today’s LED Packages: Optimizing High Brightness LED Performance by a Comprehensive Systems Design Approach


Thermally induced stresses resulting from coefficient of thermal expansion differentials between an LED sub-mount material and various mounting substrates


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