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Commercial & Industrial

Innovations in Optics works with clients in consumer and industrial markets to develop solutions with light that are both cost effective to produce and environmentally conscious.

One of the first optical solutions companies to recognize the demand
for Ultra-Violet LED light, we have a proven track record of serving
clients that have developed cutting-edge UV and visible products utilizing
our high-performance LumiLine™ Line Sources, LumiBright™ Light Engines, LumiPro™ Projectors,
and LumiFiber™ Fiber Coupled Devices.

Our LumiLine™ Line Sources are ideal for machine vision applications and have been selected for a number of printing and inspection systems. They deliver the highest intensity LED line source illuminator available and feature both finite and infinite focused beams.

Delivering the highest brightness and optical power available, our LumiBright™ Light Engines provide uniform spot illumination, making them extremely well suited for machine vision, microscope illumination, and UV curing applications.

LumiPro™ Projectors feature long life high temperature glass optics and are ideal for machine vision and UV curing applications.

Designed to handle custom numerical apertures for light guides or fiber bundles, our LumiFiber™ Fiber Coupled Devices are utilized in a host of remote visual inspection applications within the consumer, automotive, and aerospace industries.

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