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Industries & Applications

Innovations in Optics has extensive experience designing a full range of solutions for a growing list of worldwide satisfied customers.

Serving clients in the Medical & Dental, Green Industry, Commercial &
Industrial, and Military markets, we leverage our core competencies in LEDs
and optics to produce state-of-the-art solutions that are helping to advance
healthcare, protect the environment, improve industrial efficiencies, and
support worldwide safety and security.

For the medical and dental industry, we’ve built solutions for surgical illumination, fluorescence imaging, photodynamic therapy, and tissue imaging as well as dental curing and dental imaging.

Working with green industry clients, we’ve created solutions to aid in the production of biofuels and solar technology.

Our experience in commercial & industrial markets includes designing and manufacturing machine vision illumination, inspection systems, emergency lighting, and UV curing products and solutions.

Our work for the military includes developing backlights for heads-up displays and multi-spectral, ruggedized surveillance and reconnaissance flashlights.

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