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Medical & Dental

Innovations in Optics has a depth of expertise in the field of medical optics. For nearly two decades, we’ve provided consulting services to the bio-photonics industry, helping leading organizations bring innovative optical solutions—such as the first ever LED surgical lighting system to meet IEC recommendations—to market quickly and cost effectively.

Our LumiFiber™ Devices are used in medical/surgical fiber optic illumination equipment including endoscopes and tissue imaging systems.

Our LumiPro™ UV and multispectral LED Projectors feature long life high temperature glass optics and are ideal for medical fluorescence imaging applications including gene sequencing, toxic materials screening, and general analyte detection.

Capable of directing three times more light into a useable cone angle than conventional LED packages, our LumiBright™ Light Engines are used extensively in the dental market for composite curing and are also being customized for teeth whitening devices. Additionally, LumiBright™ Light Engines are in use in a number of photodynamic therapy applications for wound healing and chronic pain relief.

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