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 LED Illumination Systems


The LumiPro Projector, LumiSun-50 Solar Simulator and LumiBlazeR™ Pattern Projector achieve spatially uniform illumination fields by combining our patented COB LED technology and efficient, non-imaging, homogenizing optics with precision re-imaging lens systems. 

The LumiPro™ Projectors are currently being used in medical fluorescence imaging, spot curing, machine vision, forensics, and testing of photovoltaic devices.


The LumiSun™-50 is a bench top, Class AAA solar simulator ideal for research labs. The unit offers preset solar reference spectra as well as user defined spectra via a front-panel touchscreen. The LumiSun™-50 LED light source is contained within an adjustable, air-cooled housing for setting optimum light path working distance.


The LumiSun™OEM is a compact, multi-wavelength LED solar simulator for PV manufacturers that meets IEC 60904-9 Class AAA for spectral match, non-uniformity of irradiance and temporal stability requirements.


The LumiBlazeR™ is a high power LED Fixed-Pattern Projector for structured lighting and stereovision in 3D machine vision. LumiBlazeR™ applications include determination of object shape and orientation, contour mapping of parts, surface defect detection, depth measurements, guidelines, edge detection, and alignment. A near infrared version is suited for video identification in long-range CCTV security and surveillance.

6000A LumiSun-50 Solar Simulator Downloads
  • IEC Class AAA compliant
  • Adjustable output spectra
  • Uniform and stable illumination
  • Irradiance from 0.1 to 1.5 SUNS
  • Long life, multi-spectral LEDs
  • User friendly front panel GUI

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LumiSun™ OEM Solar Simulator Downloads
  • IEC 60904-9 Class AAA
  • 50 mm X 50 mm field @155 mm
  • Only 15 Watts to produce 1 Sun irradiance
  • Embedded chip-scale spectral sensors
  • Digital driver/controller
  • RS-485 Modbus RTU protocol

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LumiBlazeR™ Downloads
  • Structured lighting for 3D machine vision
  • High intensity at long working distances
  • Patterns: lines, grids and point clouds
  • Precision lens options
  • LED options: white, blue, red, NIR

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LumiPro™ Downloads
  • Up to 16 die per unit
  • Multiple focal options
  • Nominal 14° x 14° FWHM far field
  • Independently addressable wavelengths
  • Variable: 100mm x
    100mm illumination field @ 20cm

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™Product Comparison


Product Max # of Die / Max # of Wavelengths Focusable
LumiSun™-50 9/9 N
LumiSun™ OEM 9/9 N
LumiBlazeR™ 16/1 Y
LumiPro™ 16/16 Y



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Thermal Pads
Cooling Fans
Cooling Fans
Wire Harness Assemblies
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