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 LED Illumination Systems

LumiFlood™ UltraViolet Curing 

The LumiFlood™ UltraViolet Curing System is designed to cure large parts or many small parts simultaneously.

The light engine can be used alone or placed in tiled arrays to provide large area coverage.

The 2990B Series uses a 9 UV LED die array with three choices of peak wavelength ranging from 365 nm to 405 nm.

  • Highly uniform field of irradiance™
  • Reflective metal optics for UV, high power, and high temperature operations
  • Continuous high current or pulsed operation
  • Choose from 3 UV-LED wavelengths


  • UV curing
  • Document verification
  • Medical phototherapy
  • Machine vision


LumiFlood™ UltraViolet Curing 2990B Downloads
  • 50x50 mm field (27 mm WD)
  • 500 mW/cm2 (385 nm LED)
  •  18 A max drive current
  •  3 models (3 λ bins)

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Product Comparison

Model Number Wavelength Bin Max Irradiance at 27 mm at 10 A




365-370 nm

380-385 nm

400-405 nm

380 mW/cm2

500 mW/cm2

500 mW/cm2



Thermal Pads
Thermal Pads

Cooling Fans
LumiBright DR Driver/Controller

Wire Harness Assemblies
Wire Harness Assemblies
Heat Pipes
Heat Pipes



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