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Our Design Process

Experience says it all.

Every customer brings a unique opportunity to Innovations in Optics.
Whether your challenge is upgrading an existing system or
designing and prototyping a new idea; if you are looking for a bright,
uniform, highly concentrated light source, we will create your
Solution in Light.

We focus on:

  • Meeting Customer’s Needs and Expectations
  • Innovative, High Performance, Reliable and Efficient Design
  • Minimizing BOM and Manufacturing Costs
  • Cost effectiveness

We use the latest modeling software for:

  • Illumination Design, Analysis, and Optimization
  • Imaging and Non-Imaging Optics Design
  • LED Drive and Control Circuit Design
  • Optical and Opto-Mechanical Design

Innovations in Optics has a breadth of experience with LEDs, optics, color rendering, and mechanical design, electronic drive and control electronics, and thermal management enabling us to understand your requirements and efficiently deliver optimal solutions; we can accelerate your product development lifecycle and can create solutions that are cost effective and Green.

With our manufacturing facility and our CM partners you can be assured of timely and accurate delivery of your product whether it’s a single LumiBright Light Engine or a turn-key optical system.


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